Ev - Pan (DVD) PDF kitap ücretsiz indir

Pan (DVD) PDF kitap ücretsiz indir

Pan (DVD) PDF kitap ücretsiz indir

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Pan (DVD)


About an immigrant girl, Hua Wu, from China whose grandmother worked hard to pay her way to America in hopes of a better life. She works in a dead end job at a Chinese restaurant, lives in a crowded and noisy boarding house in Chinatown, hardly any friends, pretty lonely life. She meets and befriends a woman, Jane, a white woman who has adopted a girl from China, and eventually becomes the girl's nanny. Hua is a little in awe, a little envious of Jane's seemingly perfect life, living in a West Village brownstone apartment in New York, husband and child. Hua goes through a journey in parallel with her ups and downs in connection with Jane's life...understanding what it means to be a new immigrant here, discovering that everything isn't always as perfect as it seems, coming to terms with her own past. Don't want to give away too much of the plot, as it is a relatively simple story. I enjoyed the glimpse into an immigrant's life and was sympathetic towards her, although I found some of the plotlines felt like something I've read before. Very fast read.

2020-09-15 06:54

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